Why does it seem like we wait until something terrible happens before we take action?!

Question: Why does it seem like we wait until something terrible happens before we take action.?
Every now and then you will see something on the news about a school shooting/church shooting/college shooting,etc.

It seems that all of these people had a really troubled past,or were showing signs of serious mental illnesses.

At least a few of them.

Why do you think they wait until it happens,instead of taking action BEFORE it happens.?

What are your opinions/thoughts.?Health Question & Answer

The family structure in the U.S. is not what it used to be. Parents had more time with their children in the past, stay at home moms (despite what some people think) were actually good because they spent time with their children and got to interact with them more. Nowadays parents are spending less time with their children..., I think you'll notice a strong correlation between this and the number of school shootings. Prevention really starts in our homes, but once in a while even a kid from a good loving family commits a violent act. Young people act impulsively and have less ability to reason right and wrong. You make a good point about prevention..., schools should implement more security measures. Churches may have to too but that would be like a church admitting that it's not serving it's purpose to it's community. God bless.Health Question & Answer

I think that the majority of the time we are not fully aware of the pedicaments surrounding us. We make excuses for every bad thing that happens, we see how far we can go with it before it affects someone or something. After the damage has been done we are able to see but not able to comprehend. If we comprehended it we would be able to avoid the mishaps and taunting bullets of life. Its kind of like a childs bad bahavior, if no one is around to discipline the child he will continue his bad bahavior because he doesn't know that what he is doing is wrong so he will continue his actions until the after math has been exploided.Health Question & Answer

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