How to tell my mom (depressed)?!

Question: How to tell my mom (depressed).?
Okay, I'm 16 and I've been feeling depressed since like 2006. Some days I feel normal and other days, I just cry and feel suicidal. I think I should see a doctor or someone but I don't know how to tell my mom. She probably thinks I'm going through some phase cuz I'm a teen but I really want to talk to someone, what do I do and how can I tell if I have depression.?Health Question & Answer

I think that talking to a guidance counselor at school first is a great idea, and perhaps she can assist you with resources on how to tell parent(s). A school nurse and or psychologist staff may be able to give you a screener that could tell if you're at risk for or have depression. If you're saying your mom "probably" will think it's a teen phase, that tells me you haven't tried yet. And, if a confrontation is what you're worried about before even getting to explain yourself (ie: maybe you think you'll get cut off and brushed off about it), then my suggestion would be to write her a letter telling her how you have been feeling, for how long, and in it say that you want help and that you wanted her to know and that you are serious about it. Make sure to say that you love her and that you are not feeling this way or doing this to hurt her (as some people can start to take offense, especially if they feel some guilt), but that you want her support and help in dealing with this. Ask her to make an appt. with the family doctor and to go along with you, so she knows that you are serious and that you love and trust her and want her involved. A parent will always feel better that their child came to them for help beforehand, instead of making a choice that could be irreversible and damaging. Good luck with this, my prayers are with you.Health Question & Answer

No matter what you think your mother's reaction will be, you must tell her or any other close member of your family. In the meantime, and even after telling this person and going fro professional help, which you probably will, please, keep as busy as you can. There are millions of things which need our attention. If you don't like your routine, change it a bit, but don't stop doing anything. On the contrary, do as much as you can.

Take up new things, new hobbies, exercise, sports. Try to talk to the friends and the people in general that make you less depressed, but don't forget those that may need much more help than you do, such as any ill or elderly person in family. Even if been around these make you depressed, it is for a good purpose that you are around them.

Are you in school.? Are you thinking about college.? Have you started to ask questions at your local college about courses, etc..?

also, explain to your mom or any other adult whom would have a saying in all this, that sometimes these mood swings or even full blown depressions are due to hormonal or other imbalances. So a family doctor_or any doctor_should be evaluating you.

Good luck!!!Health Question & Answer

I'm 14 and I've been feeling depressed for 1 1/2 years.

I went to the counseler last February, and I told her, "I'm not going to talk to you unless you promise not to tell my parents."

Well...she told my parents that I was depressed.

And my parents confronted me about it, and told me they would get me help. And I absolutely did not want to tell them. They still haven't got me help, and they confronted me about it March 24...
But last August, my mom told the doctor about it, and so it's been gradually getting closer to getting help.

The only regret is not having told them sooner.

There's no right time to do it.
You just have to do it.

If you keep it from her, she's going to find out eventually or you're going to suffer. If you're under 18 you have to have parental consent for a psychiatrist or therapist and I really wouldn't think you would want to wait two more years. It's better to tell her now.

But we can't do it for you. Health Question & Answer

While there is truth to what your mom says that this is a phase, it is not a phase that you should go through alone. You need to tell her asap. Keep telling her until she gets it. Ask to see a therapist. Teenage years can be rough on people. It is always helpful to try to find other people to talk to. If your mom still does not get it, talk to your school counselor. They are here to help and they are obliged to help you. I went through a similar phase. I know what you mean by feeling suicidal. But it is important to remember life goes on and improves. I know it is difficult to listen to other people tell you its going to be alright, but you got to trust me when I say life goes on and it can improve. See if a therapist or counselor. Hopefully they can give you medicine to help as well. And do not be afraid of taking meds. I was against meds when I first began taking them, but they have done wonders for me. Be open to them, as well as be open to improving your life. Best of luck! You'll be fine! Your not aloneHealth Question & Answer

Woah, I'm 16 too and I'm depressed, well I have been for a while now. I thought twice about telling my mom for fear that she would excuse it as me being "silly" or "ridiculous". I told my best friend instead and it helped a lot. I don't think I'm ever gonna tell my mom, my family has enough to deal with right now. But, if I were you, I would tell your mom through. I can't really offer much help, because I have the same problem.Health Question & Answer

Counseling is the best answer..even more than seeking a 'happy pill'..although they seem to help some people.
The pills don't even work without good couseling. Remember you're going through big hormonal shifts..and everything seems so patient with yourself..and treat yourself right..
You'll always go through life being your own coach..and sometimes you just have to talk yourself through..along with the counseling..there's always that voice in your head..and you have to reason with it..not llet it control you..There is a concept called 'choosing
happy'..for no reason..just a personal choice. Then when bad things've already 'chosen happy'
so circumstances cannot take over and ruin things..but it takes practice..try it chick..
In the meantime..I'm addicted to music..and I think life deserves a soundtrack..I'm sure you're aware of this
so..a short playlist that definately lifts the energy in the room...

Martha My Dear
Ob La Di Ob La Da
Bungalow Bill
Every Little Thing
This One - Paul Solo
Till There Was You
Anything by 'The Rutles'
Let It Be..maybe the Best Example..with it's double meaning..
1.allow it to exist
2.Leave it alone to understand..all great healers..
and maybe a little talking to God..practice gratitude..
good luck, chick!Health Question & Answer

I agree w/ "bean"...u should bring this to someone's attention (whoever you feel most comfortable would probably be best, if you're close). You can't assume what she's going to think. Any parent would do whatever they could to help their child. Wish you all the best! Hang in there!Health Question & Answer

You need to tell your mother. You don't want to continue feeling like this, do you.?
If you can't talk to her, tell a school counselor or a trusted adult relative that can help you with talking to your mom.
Don't let this go.Health Question & Answer

well, tell her that you've been going through some sad time and ask if she could help. if she doesn't have the answer she may take you to a doctorHealth Question & Answer

Hey, look we're twins again!
Yes, I've been depressed since 2006.? Anyways, I remember I was in grade school. Sometimes, I cried randomly and it really sucked. It was terrible, actually. At home, I dread going to school, waking up, going through another entire day. At school, I try to be normal and have fun with friends but if I'm not with a close friend, I'm really awkward and I'm mad at myself for not being like everybody else, or whatever. I've cut before and I won't deny that here. I look back at that and think it's stupid, and I don't want to do it again.
There are times when I just wish I wasn't on's so much easier, you know.? I don't know if that's really considered "suicidal" because I would never have the courage to kill myself.
I have kind of phased out of it, because suddenly I have more friends than I ever did (.?.?.?) so I'm busier, you could say. Music totally helps, too. My mom's a psychiatrist...and she never put me on meds or even let me see another therapist, but she is constantly telling me to go be busy somewhere, and when you don't want to, it is SO HARD to make yourself do something. Eating disorders and depression go hand-in-hand, I guess.
What I can't stand, is when people at school blatantly make jokes about suicide and eating disorders, and when they say "goth" and "emo" mean depressed, and they don't. It's so hurtful.
So if I was you, I would go to your high-school counselor (because if you were in middle school, don't bother because they don't do a thing) and talk to them. Or describe how you feel to your mom without actually using the word "depressed". Tell her you learned something about depression at school, and share it with her. I really hope this helps because I've gone through a lot of crap too, and I know it stinks.Health Question & Answer

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