Question for ex self harmers?!

Question: Question for ex self harmers.?
What made you stop self harming.?
How long have you gone without self harming.?Health Question & Answer

I began to stop when my parents found out because a friend told them. It wasn't a 'cold turkey' stop more like a gradual stopping, doing it less and less. Basically it was because I couldn't stand being a disapointment to them, and that pain was worse than the pain that made me cut.

I went about two and a half years without self harming again. The thing that keeps me from doing it is knowing that there are other people who care more about me than I think, which was shown when my cutting was prominent. Plus now I'm a lot less stressed so that urge isn't there as often

** if you do cut and want to stop / are in the process of stopping, know that the urge to cut isn't going to just go away. It's going to take a long time before that feeling dissapears. For me it's still there, it's all about self control when that happens and finding a new outlet. Try calling a teen hotline, talking to your guidance councilor, or writing in a journal. All those can help you work through whatever's going on, if anything. Health Question & Answer

I stopped self harming when everyone I knew would tease me and call me emo. I had 50 cuts down my arm.

I never cut my arms again.

I cut my neck about 10 times..nobody noticed because I wore my hair down.

I stopped self harming because if no one loves me, I love me. Hurting myself won't solve anyone's problems, it just gives me more of hiding the cuts, the scars, of people avoiding me and being scared of me because I don't fear the pain.

And when I find someone I really like, I want to talk to them freely without being ashamed of anything, I don't need anything to hide.

I haven't cut for a few weeks.Health Question & Answer

I just think I stopped when i felt happier, and once you do that you become clean of the impulse to do it so its not a first thought anymore.

I went about 2-3 years without doing it, had a brief relapse and now dont do it as a reflex anymore.

I did have the odd moment where the urge came back but only the odd time.

Hope this helps Health Question & Answer

I used to cut and then became horrified by what I did to myself and the
scars. I haven't cut for maybe two years and the scars have faded. I
used to think cutting would take away emotional pain but overall it did not.Health Question & Answer

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