Was it wrong of me to exceed the stated dosage?!

Question: Was it wrong of me to exceed the stated dosage.?
The dosage was 1 tablet 30 mins before going to bed and not to exceed 3 in 24 hours. I took 3. I feel fine. hahaha. I just wanna sleep and I know I'll just lie awake thinking. For christ sake. What do you think.? I don't really care if something happens. I knew exactly what I was doing. Health Question & Answer

First, to not exceed 3 in 24 hours and to take all 3 at one time are 2 very, very different issues. An overdose can occur if you take an entire daily limit of medication all at one time. The idea is to spread it out so your body can metabolize it safely.

However, that does not concern me nearly as much as the part where you said "I don't really care if something happens." As a psychiatric RN, I can tell you that statement shouts out SUICIDAL to me. And the fact that you say "I know I'll just lie awake thinking" tells me that your mind is ruminating alot, which is a common symptom of depression. My professional opinion is that you need professional counseling and an antidepressant. Only then can you get a decent sleep.

EDIT: You are correct that they will have to tell your parents. The reason why is because it is ILLEGAL to prescribe anti-depressants to minors without parental consent. The doctor will lose her license and face prosecution if she gives you this type of medication without parental consent. Please tell your parents yourself that you want help.

EDIT: You owe it to yourself to keep telling people until someone listens. Try your school counselor or a favorite teacher. Sooner or later, someone will listen and take you seriously.

EDIT: It sure is ashame to give away your power and control over your life to people who don't even care. You are letting those people control how you feel, how important you are. In the end, what they think should not matter, but you are giving their opinions too much importance. All that matters is you and your relationship with God. He has plans for your life and you have to trust in that, and wait for all the good he has planned for you. But, you need to take control of your life back from those fools and turn it over to God. If you do not let Him down by killing yourself, he will not let you down if you let yourself live and trust in him.Health Question & Answer

I don't know where you live, but if you are in the UK you are entitled to confidentiality with your GP. She is not allowed to tell your parents anything about what you say or what she prescribes. If you live elsewhere I don't know about the law, but I do know that in the UK children have just as much right to confidentiality as adults.

Is there a reason you don't want your parents to know how you feel.? Some parents are toxic, but most can be very supportive when their kids are unwell. Though of course if your parents are the cause of the problem I can see why you wouldn't want them to know you'd been to the doctor.

Oh, and your friends might not have known what to say. But a doctor really should know what to say. Especially if it's a doctor you know and trust.

I think you need help, and unfortunately you have asked for help and you haven't been given any. But I think you should keep asking. You should keep asking until someone gives you the help you need. You deserve to feel better.

I understand the thoughts of suicide. I've been there. But don't do it. Things *will* get better, even though it's hard to imagine at the moment. Hang in there!

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Not possible to answer, as you don't say what the tablets are.
As a general rule maximum dosages are there for a reason. With many drugs taking too much can be dangerous.
Just seen your further inf. the dosage i've found is 1 - 3 at bedtime. I don't have much experience with herbal remedies but most seem innocuous.Health Question & Answer

Just chalk this up for experience! now you will know how you should take it in the future. I have done that, thinking that just one more will do the trick, when in all actuality, 1 did the trick!

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Well, since you did not exceed 3 in 24 hours, you should be fine.
Although, you did not state the medication you took.Health Question & Answer

No you didnt know exactly what you were doing.
All drugs are dangerous.Health Question & Answer

Well it's your life. No matter how short you want it to be. By the way sleeping pill overdose is very dangerous. I doubt you're going to die. But what you did was no less then stupid.

After Edit - Ok now that I know the situation a little better please ignore my rude comment above.

I too am depressed and I have thought about killing myself multiple times. I am seventeen. I also do not have the guts. If your friends seem as though they don't care that's not true. They just don't know how to react. I know because I didn't know what to say before I was faced with the same problems.

My advice is this. Do not try to kill yourself. Even if you don't think you will succed you very well could on accident. And if you end up trying too hard and then failing you could have permanant irraverisble brain damage.

Depression is sometimes a result of seratonine problems in the brain. Life can seem perfect, and as though you have no reason to be depressed but that's not true.

It could also be a speciffic cause. Try to asses what is making you depressed. For me I found out it was a number of factors. I know this will sound weird but once you know it is easier to deal with.

Commiting suicide will also not fix any problems. It won't take away the pain or anything. And so you must try to stop thinking about it. Usually what happens with me is that I begin writing a suicide note but then I give up because I realize that I could not possibly leave without making someone feel guilty when they shouldn't. You should NEVER commit suicide.

Please try to find other things to take away pain. I know it's hard and I once thought of drinking. But I knew my parents would find out. Everything will change as you get older. And right now I know exactly how you feel. You must keep your eye on the future.

If you need someone to talk to then just let me know. I can't put my IM or anythin up so if you would like to talk just choose me as best answer and then I will try to send you a private email if you would like to talk.

Then we can IM. I care. I will listen.Health Question & Answer

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