How can I be more focused!!?!

Question: How can I be more focused!!.?
I'm a Pisces and I heard that we have our heads in the clouds. Well, that definitely pertains to me and I really need help. All I do is wish wish wish and think of what I want instead of doing and I need help focusing on what's important and stop worrying about looking cute and getting boys and always throwing myself pity parties which distracts me from what's important: school and a job.

I'm 19 and I need to grow up!!!

How can I stay more focused.?Health Question & Answer

I'm with you but with self help CD's it can truly help you stay focused. Keep your atmosphere right. Meditate with positive music instead of rap. Try to limit your phone calls to a specific hour. Make sure you don't tell anyone they're sure to call you anyway. Lose your cellphone in the car for a few hours. Go to the mall and visualize on the new you. Always smile and watch how people will be drawn to you. Focus more on the positive forget pity parties they don't help just waisted tears. Learn how to give. Your time, your love, your tithes to the church nearest you. Most of all laugh while writing down a list of everything you need to do. This is your list. Time yourself Ready Get set GO. See, I knew you could do it. You go girl.Health Question & Answer

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