Am I over reacting or am I getting depressed? Do I need Help?!

Question: Am I over reacting or am I getting depressed.? Do I need Help.?
I'm only 14 yrs old but im already in a um mature environment i guess you can say. I moved from away from my home town about 2 or 3 yrs ago and ever since then i feel that my life has been going down hill. LOVE-when it comes to guys and dating i fall for someone really hard and then they always cheat or hurt me in a really bad way and because of that im scared to open up to any guy i like. FRIENDS-most my friends that i made when i got here moved and or hurt me. i had a best friend that made my life so much happier than it was before but now hes ignoring me and being mean and turning people agianst me. And most the friends [well i thought they where] i just realized where talking bad about me along with ppl who dont even know me. and i dont have many guy friends anymore because most of them just want to sleep with me so they try to get close. SCHOOL-my grades are going extremly down and I dont seem to try anymore,nuff said there.DRUGS-i have gotten to points where i abuse drugs but im trying my best to move past that.FAMILY-my family is going through issues now, they scream and yell and all i can do is lock myself in my room and cry all night wishing for it to stop.HEALTH-and i have asthma and im taking much care of it and its getting worse and im getting sick.LIFE OVER ALL- I try to think positive but i feel like im getting to sad all at once i have even thought of killing myself at times. PLUS- ive been not sleeping because im having nightmares about something that happened to me when i was little thats still scares me.was mulested by my cuson. Health Question & Answer

We're teenagers. I know how cliched this sounds, but we're growing up. You'll learn to live again. You just need to be able to accept that sometimes you'll have ups and other times downs, even if they're mostly downs. That's just hormones.

EDIT: I just read your last line about being molested by your cousin at a young age. This is definitely a stem for many of your problems. I would recommend talking to a psychologist immediately. And I got this line from my old LA teacher, and its the best line there ever was to stop thinking about suicide.

Suicide is no more than a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem. Because EVERY problem is a temporary one.

Talk to your parents about a psychologist. If they won't listen to you, thats why there are numbers like Kids Help Phone. Remember: theres always someone, somewhere, willing to lend an ear.Health Question & Answer

Oh, dear. Well, I'm growing up in a mature environment as well and I hate it, though I've never considered suicide. I have anxiety and have considered bulimia, and was sticking my finger down my throat... Before I stopped myself. My friends are all betraying dogs right now and I can't seem to get a grip on myself anymore, so I do really stupid stuff. I'm not friendless, but I guess they're not the friends I want anymore.

Hold your head high.

My sister (older- not on YA) was the one who started making me think like that- but she's gone so basically I'm left alone to deal with my stuff. If you think a therapist will help right now, you're probably wrong. My sister had one and all she did was put on a nice girl face and ended up not being helped at all. Try and look at the core of the problem first.

The whole drug abuse thing should be helped, though.

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