Depressed cutting myself again?!

Question: Depressed cutting myself again.?
I have no one to turn to I just want to die I have all this pain inside me feels like its eating me alive.Iam diagnosed with anxiety and depression but thought i was over the depression but its back.I cant tell my family iam ashamed I have began cutting myself again last night and havent ate anything but a hot dog in 3 days i dont want to i think i feel like i should punish myself or that iam just not worth it anymore.Iam not an idiot i know this isnt normal or healthy i just dont know whre to turn I feel like I have no one.I dont want to go to anymore doctors or counslors that act like they care but i know they r just doing their job.I just feel like i cant go on where do i go from here Health Question & Answer

ok, yikes. you are in a bad place. of course it makes sense that you would feel shame in talking to your family about this, but it's okay. believe me, they want to know what is going on with you.

the kind of behaviors your showing are very dangerous. obviously you kno they are dangerous physically. you are showing symptoms of an eating disorder, altho you don't say if you have admitted to having this illness, or if you are, or have, received therapy for this. you do say you don't want to go to anymore doctors, so it sounds like you have had some counciling for something, so that's good.

you feel like you don't have anyone because your behaviors push other people out. in order to "get away" with not eating and cutting you have to engage in a lot of secrecy and deception. this distances you from the people who love you. you need to let them in so they can help. you are NOT and idiot, you kno that. but you ARE confused and unable to make healthy choices, that's clear. and that's why you must let your family in on what you've been doing.

it's also why you need to get back into therapy. listen, the doctors ARE doing their jobs, but that doesn't mean they don't care about you as well! you are sick, and for someone in your position, coping with your illness will probably be a life-long work. i'm sure that sounds ominous, but needing help is not something to be ashamed of - it's what clued-in, intelligent people do to better their lives, whether they suffer emotional illness or not. you sound young, and you're probably tired of doing the work it takes to get better, but the longer you work at it, the easier it will become. keeping your family and doctors up to date on your status will help with that tremendously and will keep you feeling closer to the people who love you. after a while you will probably be able to cut back on therapy and maybe eventual not even need one-on-one counciling anymore. you just won't kno until you start to take of yourself.

and you must, because eating disorders and cutting can, and often do, lead to death. that's a fact. good luck and take care!!!Health Question & Answer

Do not ever be ashamed to tell someone that you are depressed enough to want to die. You need some professional intervention.
You need to get some help as soon as possible. My sister is a cutter so I know something about that although I am not sure I understand why and I guess it is because I don't feel the need to do it. You have no need of punishing yourself, you are a person worth caring about. You are fighting help which everyone does when they are depressed, but you need to get the help you need so you can go on with your life.Health Question & Answer

Here are my suggestions, take them and lsiuten to them, if you don't you could lead on to commiting suicide and ruening your faimlys life
You have to eat, even if you don't want to, YOU HAVE TO
MNake your life worth living, start hobbies like dancing, and sports. I am dead seriouse, if you don't amke somehting of your life RIGHT NOW, you will soon have nothing. And that would be horrible you just have to piuush yourself, strat hangoing out with your friends, sorry for all the spelling mistakes I am typingfast.Health Question & Answer

There is always hope. And there is always a reason to smile, just have to look for those reasons sometimes. The fact that you realize there is something going on with you proves that you are going to be fine. Everyone has these thoughts and feelings at times but some are worse than others. Try calling a boys and girls hotline to chat with them. Smile more. You can email me if you like:
You are never alone. Health Question & Answer

have you ever been sectioned.? i think you soon will be, but thats not a bad thing, evrybody thing being sectioned is like being kept prisoner in an insane asylum, its not, it helps a lot, you get a lot more help as an inpatient that you do as an outpatient.Health Question & Answer

just think that harming your self makes you feel worse so theres no point. chat to your closest friend about it
Health Question & Answer

Oh you sound so alone, but i understand all you just said.
Here are bits i taken from a website (the one below so you can read the whole article yourself)
When you feel like hurting yourself what other ways of managing could help fora short while.?

* Writing about how you are feeling.
* Curling up with a blanket, hot drink, by breathing and relaxing.
* Listening to music.
* Tearing up telephone books, newspapers.
* Punching pillows or cushions.
* Going for a run, brisk walk, dancing, any form of exercise.
* Talk to a friend - have a list nearby of people you can ring.
* Keep your mind busy - to distract your mind from harming yourself.
* Carry safe things in your pockets - stones, pebbles, crystals.
* Get a red felt tip pen and mark yourself as if you were cutting - this may give you similar relief.
* Try aromatherapy oils e.g. lavender oil and breath it in - this can help you to feel more balanced and calm.
* Try elastic bands around your wrists and flick them when you feel like cutting. If you need to feel sensation when you self harm try holding ice, brushing yourself with a toothbrush
* Take a cold shower
* Bite into something which is strongly flavoured, lemon, peppers etc.
* Use play dough to give you something to occupy your hands.
* Have a relaxing bath, treat yourself.
* Do deep and slow breathing.
also have you read Healing the hurt within by Jan Sutton.? Its a very good book, i bought it for myself and my friend who another self harmer. You can get it from Amazon.

You also need to see a doctor. You need your meds changed. Its not a re-lapse. its just a Lapse thats all!!!! It will get better!!! It will.

Write all your thoughts down in a diary, go and buy a beautiful one that you will want to write in and buy a new pen too.

Please see your doctor. The link is for the self injury sheet but the one under is for the depression sheet. And the last on is self esteem.

Please stay in a safe place and try to get someone to help you. You probably have lots of people worried about you... I know i am.
Health Question & Answer

why is tat happening .?.?.?
what is actually bothering you so much .?
you are lucky that ur living swthrt.. chilax and enjoy ur life....
if october as a bad month for you.. then nov. and dec. would be a gud month.. so just relax and take out you negative thoughts.. talk to a pastor he'll surely pray for you...
to be honest to you i also fell depressed and anxious but i havent spoken to a pstor i just read the provrbs in the bible .. eventhough sometimes i dnt feel better i cry sitting in front of my GOD's then i watch some funny clip in youtube after
sometym.. i thnk wat just happend .?.?.?

i read this proverb and i was like this is tru its me who is thinking about this that's why am crying.. if i hadnt thought about this (whatevr make you feel dpressing) i wouldnt be crying..

lyf is wat you make it ...swthrt

nvr blame a day in ur lyf, gud days givs u happiness and bad days give you experience.. both are essential in lyf all r god's blessings....Health Question & Answer

Im going through the same thing, you seriously need to start over.
stop cutting,i did...i cant exactly tell you what to do because im where you are. Follow your instincts, and fly free.
thats what im doing.
1. Step one push away all the things that are stressors and depressors.
2. do somthing you love doing that always makes you happy
3. Make a new friend that wont judge you.
4. throw away all your blades.
5. start eating thats bad.

you'll get trough it. yes there are a lot of bumps in the road, but your family isnt going to judge you they are the only people you have so you need to trust them.

i have faith in you and hope you dont kill yourself.
Health Question & Answer

Ok, if counselling not working for you, then the only other strategy of recovery I can think of is to study this yourself, in self help books - in anger management strategies - stress coping tactics - self esteem building exercises - and start doing a project or help some one with something that will build your self worth and another will appreciate it.

Try to open up a little more to those close around tiny steps at a time. Take a little risk with letting them in. Don't do this totally alone.

if u do this case study on self help it wl take up a lot of your time and take your mind of things a little.

To get well there has to be a genuine want in yourself to do it, and that takes u putting in time an effort too achieve this.

Good luck. Health Question & Answer

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