I think I'm severely depressed?!

Question: I think I'm severely depressed.?
no one knows i am, i didn't even realize i was because i just thought it was something that would go away. i'm 19 but i have faced some obstacles...for a while i was fine and then someone i loved passed away and it was a breaking point and my depression came back probably the worse it's ever been. i get this feeling all over my body, like a wave that goes through my arms, chest, legs..it's a weird feeling. i pray someone will hit my car on the freeway and kill me or that i'll have cancer and just the thought makes me feel kinda like there is hope

i don't know what to do, i have no one to talk to
i also used to never show emotion even when i was sad and now i get very emotional and i always want to cry (mainly bc of my friend who passed away) what do i do.? what is that feeling i get.?

i don't want to tell anybody thoughHealth Question & Answer

sweet heart . i am in the same situation as you are in. I feel like that too, when i walk in the street and im waiting to cross the light , i say to myself just someone come on and hit me. its depression, just the unbalanced chemical in our brain...its nothing to be embarrassed about because majority of people in united states and Canada, even world wide are suffering from depression..even some celebrities...if you need someone to talk to you can give me your e-mail in private or vice-versa and i can talk to u on msn or thru email.

depression comes from many things,
-too much stress in life
-someone hurt you.
-past struggling
-bad childhood and etc......Health Question & Answer

I've felt like that before and I understand not wanting to tell anyone. I was embarrassed because of it I didn't want people to think I was crazy. It went away for me for the most part although some days i feel down like I did. I'm also a big believer that there's always something better to come right after the hardest part. Either find someone you can talk to or try searching yourself for answers that's what I did. It's like self therapy.

Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

i used to feel the same way. my dad recently passed away and i developed severe depression really bad. i lost interest in everything, wanted to sleep all the time, developed social anxiety, and kinda got suicidal. try to make yourself happy again. you dont want to go down that road again if you already had bad depression. try to meet new people, find new hobbies, exercise, take walks. or get away for a while and clear your head. Health Question & Answer

Sounds very much like depression to me. You don't have to tell your family if you really don't want. But you need to see a doctor or therapist! You are having suicidal thoughts. Call the suicidal hot line if you really don't want to see anyone in person.

1-800-SUICIDEHealth Question & Answer

talk to a school counselor or get a psychologist
you need to get yourself help
you can also take medication (cymbalta, lexapro, or other antidepressants)Health Question & Answer

talk to me...i am here for you bud =) CHEER UP! remember, when u think uve got it bad. just remember, someone else always has it worse. uve got an awful lot to live for.Health Question & Answer

you can talk to me if it helpsHealth Question & Answer

Speak to your doctor ASAP he is experienced in these matters.Health Question & Answer

take cymbalta (I think it works, although i have never tried it)Health Question & Answer

take doctor helpHealth Question & Answer

This link will take you to an online self test to see if you might have depression.
There are fact sheets and other bits of info such as self help groups and emergency help on this web site. If you don't live in Australia try and find a similar site that is local to you.

It is important to talk to someone. Try your local telephone directory as many services will talk to you over the phone and you can remain anonymous. In Australia there is Lifeline.Health Question & Answer

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