AM I AT WRONG????????????!

Question: AM I AT WRONG.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
When i was really down and confused in life i tried to research about mental health, and just more on the internet later i just noticed that im becoming used to it like a habit and i feel comfortable by just doing this.. i mean i already lost my happiness and just by doing this it makes me feel good... i dont have a life anymore that i used to have... do u think something's wrong here.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

If you spend most of your time in front of the computer screen and ignoring your psychological and physical needs then yes you are "at wrong".

If you want to be happy there is a way to be feel happy permanently and in a healthy natural way.

Start the omega 3 diet.I have researched omega 3 acids for 2 years and performed a very successful experiment on myself and few of my volunteer friends.Few months of the omega 3 diet it significantly reduced stress[and/or cured depression] problems permanently and significantly raised my intelligence,improved memory,sight,reflexes[and many other known and unknown benefits]and without any drugs or supplements in the form of pills.

Take two table spoons of grinded flaxseed[rich with omega 3 and cheap]a day[with a glass of water] and in a few months you will start to notice significant improvement in your mental health[you will become more psychologically stable,among other things].Use a coffee grinder.Whole seeds cannot be digested by the hydrochloric acid in our stomach only grinded seeds.A fact and not a assumption.You have nothing to loose only gain by it.There are many articles on the internet about the omega 3.2 years ago before i started the diet i did not feel so stable or happy how i feel today.

Flax is the best source of ALA omega 3 fatty acid which our body converts to more important fatty acids called DHA and EPA.For the efficient conversion to take place,foods containing a large amount of the following nutrients must be consumed along with the flaxseed:C,B3,B6 [vitamins],zink and Magnesium [minerals].I recommend 3 table spoons of flax with 100 grams[or more if to your liking] of almonds and/or 250g of green peas,1 kiwi every day.[do not take more then 3 table spoons of flax because large amounts can cause intestinal gases which can cause abdominal pain and/or constipation.If three spoons causes abdominal discomfort lower the dosage to 2 table spoons of grinded flax and elevate it to 3 table spoons after your body adapts to high fiber content].

The information in the following link should provide you with the nutritional facts of most if not all known fruits and


If you are consistent with this diet you will gain permanent emotional stability and you will realize your unlimited potential because your brain will receive what it needs to continue its evolution.
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Learning is never wrong it's educational and it's good to keep up on things.
You may want to sit down and think about why you feel your life has changed so much and why you feel so sad. Only you can fix you and the things that have changed in your life only you can make it all better. The past is gone you only have now and the future so you are the pilot of your own ship get out of reverse and put it in drive.Health Question & Answer

.?.?.?.?are you saying that you think researching is wrong.?.?.?.? You do need to find something that makes you feel helping others, working at shelters, helping the elderly with grocery shopping or read them a book, or help work with literacy action (you could use some improvement) but research is never bad, but anything in excess is not good. Balance your time. Make friends and do something with your life. Health Question & Answer

peoples idea of happiness can change in time.

and what might once had not been thought of as a source
we find later in life to become one

and it seems to me you're search for these things has become a source of joy for you.

my advice if you like what you're doing and good at it
maybe you can start a blog or something.

oh and to answer your question No.Health Question & Answer

I personally think that you should go and talk t a professional. It could help you see where you need to take your life. Do not give up on life and happiness. It is out there waiting for you. Everyone deserves happiness in their lives...Keep your head up. KimHealth Question & Answer

Well i dont completely understand your question, but I do know that im hooked on the mental health thing too =] i think its SO interesting. and im trying to figure out whats up with me, cuz my shrink isnt understanding.Health Question & Answer

I think you would be a little better off if you spoke to a professional instead of sitting at home trying to figure out what is wrong with yourself. Health Question & Answer

it has given you meaning and Identity. Some people go through life with neither. Good wishes.Health Question & Answer

it happens to all of us just depression, don't let it get the better of you. get out there more enjoy life.Health Question & Answer

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