Anxiety about animals when its raining?! Am i weird?!

Question: Anxiety about animals when its raining.?! Am i weird.?
Everytime it rains, i get emotional about all the animals being out in the cold. Seriusly, ever time it rains i get emotional thinking about it. t cant rain without me getting upset. Ive been a vegetarian for a year and really into fighting animal cruelty, but it annoys me how upset i get everytime it starts raining. Is this an anxiety.?.?

Am i weird.?.?! :| :|Health Question & Answer

May be or may not be. I am not sure if you are educated enough about animals in the wild or did you ever own a pet.? Just watch animal planet or discovery and get to know how animals behave and live out in the open forest. I am sure you'll feel better. Any animal that lives outside is made to live outside (thick skin, fur, etc as per the area it is native too). You cannot complain that a camel will struggle in the desert because you find it hot, it is made to live in the desert, isn't it.?Health Question & Answer

I don't think your werid nothing wrong with wanting to fight animal cruelty. Alot of animals actually enjoy the rain and it help maintain there environment and gives the something to drink. I actually have a dog that for some reason adores the rain and refuses to go in her dog house when it rains. Health Question & Answer

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