Is this a normal process??????????????????...!

Question: Is this a normal process.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
It's easy to keep reading about what we might have. We can identify with symptoms of a certain disorder. Some of the different disorders have similar symptoms so this can get pretty confusing.
It would be much better for you to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and let him/her decide on a diagnosis after you tell him/her what you are having a problem with. Get some help so you can start feeling better. Best Wishes to you.Health Question & Answer

No this isn't normal honey! This person needs to maybe stop researching and start solving some of these problems!Health Question & Answer

Your a hypochondriacHealth Question & Answer

therapy.Health Question & Answer

You are so desperate to have a 'mental illness' that you are creating one.
keep trying, im sure it will work eventually.Health Question & Answer

normal.? NO..
can it be helped.? YESHealth Question & Answer

No this is not normal.
Health Question & Answer

Therapy Can Help! Normal yes probably, it's just a stage you're in before you do go to the right place for help and sometimes the right place isn't always yahoo answers. Get diagnosed and go from there without you trying to play doctor for yourself, it can be a dangerous game. You owe it to yourself and your life to get the right help. Enjoy life it is short!Health Question & Answer

normal as in common.? YES!

One may refrain from seeking "HELP" because of the stigma involved with seeking it. I mean if you go to a dr. then you can only do so if you admit you need help and you dont want to do, if you can get over this lie...this lie that by simply asking for help by no means means that you are are just probably over stressed.have anxiety ..either way there is nothing to be ashamed can suffer alone longer or you can recover more quickly with the help of a pro.
but the reason you do this is clear to me. you are scared ...but don't be one is gonna lock you up, no one is gonna call you nuts and all you can do is get better sooner by asking a doctor what is going on and what to really do about it.Health Question & Answer

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