Are hypochondriacs only worried about physical illness?? What about mental illness?!

Question: Are hypochondriacs only worried about physical illness.?.? What about mental illness.?
ive read a lot about the things the worry but its all cancer, alzeimers, tumor, what about mental ilnesses.?.? and is it possible that it may eventually affect their lives .?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

people with hypochondriasis are overly sensitive to their bodily sensations. they believe that something is dreadfully wrong with them physically even with contradictory medical evidence. worrying about a having a mental illness would still require the confirmation of a psychologist or counselor but is more subjective. a blood test can rule out a physical illness, but there is no such test for mental illness.

i believe what youre talking about is referred to as 'psychology student' syndrome or something to that effect. anyone can relate to a number of psychological symptoms at one time or another - but in order to be diagnosed with a mental illness there are certain criteria that must be met and symptoms must be "clinically significant".

Edit - also, hypochondriasis is classified as a somataform disorder - so the worry or belief does center around physical symptoms.Health Question & Answer

Hypochondriacs worry about getting any and every illness they read or hear about including mental illness. Hypochondria itself is a mental disorderHealth Question & Answer

Is not a hypochondriac classed as a mental illness.?Health Question & Answer

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