How come when I'm on the tired side...I concentrate better?!

Question: How come when I'm on the tired side...I concentrate better.?

I know that sounds weird...but it's true. i'm so tired right now. i got up earlier than usual and went out for about an hour. now im being really lazy and talking on here...and i noticed answers are just flowing out of me. also when im tired and i write in my journal...i could write for hours at a time and not stop. is this normal .? Health Question & Answer

I know what you're talking about. It happens to me too, especially on nights where I have to study for a test. I think this kind of concentration comes out of having to fight through the haze of tiredness so in that sense maybe it involves a little bit of man's fighting instincts.? (which would bring out adrenaline, and other bodily chemicals.?)Health Question & Answer

I won't say its normal but I am the same way. I've always noticed the less sleep i get the better i performed on tests as well as just classwork in school. Its a good thing for college, I know that lol. But I have always had racing thoughts and an inability to concentrate, and when I am tired it's like thinking at a slower, normal pace. Health Question & Answer

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