How can I get my friend with Scoliosis to wear her back brace?!

Question: How can I get my friend with Scoliosis to wear her back brace.?
She is my bestfriend and I care so much about her. She was diagnosed with scoliosis in september 07. When she first found out we all comforted her and she wore her brace everyday, no problems, just a little scared but we were there for her. But as the year went on she wore it less and less, only 5 days a week, 3 days a week, so as good friends we talked to her and told her "We love you and want you to get better" so she wore it for a week, and this happened many times. But recently it's gotten really bad! She told me "guess what, i havent wore my brace for two weeks and my mom didnt catch me" I was so upset, i care about her and she doesnt care about her self. So i told her please wear it, how are you going to get better. But now she insists that she doesnt need to wear it because she WANTS to get surgery (shes 13) I think that surgery on your back is dangerous even with the best doctor, there is always a risk with surgery. I love her so much, and i dont want anything to happen to her, she loves skating and cheerleading and you have to do NO sports for 6 months after surgery and she's 13!!! Surgery is so risky and wearing a brace is simple. PLEASE HELP! I LOVE MY BFF AND WANT HER TO GET BETTER!!!!Health Question & Answer

Don't give up !! Keep telling her to wear it. If she doesn't, try to get an adult to tell her to wear it, if you think that might help!! It must be hard but keep trying because she NEEDS to wear it I have Scoliosis tooHealth Question & Answer

You can't do it, it is her choice only. Just support her decision.Health Question & Answer

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