Please read, looking for some reassurance..?!

Question: Please read, looking for some reassurance...?
Just want to know if anyone else has had a sour stomach for awhile after being sick...

Exactly a week ago i either had a stomach virus or food poisoning, it lasted 24 hours then slowly got better.

I still had the diarrhea lightly untill day before yesterday, when i felt back to normal yesterday, so i got daring and had a chinese takeaway dish with chicken, and a mcdonalds snak wrap earlier in the day.

Has this stirred up my stomach again, as now i have light diarrhea again this morning.?Health Question & Answer

yeah sounds like you had the virus not food poisoning. You always should take it easy after being sick and avoid creazy stuff.
Eat a bananaHealth Question & Answer

yeah chinese food bad idea. you want to eat healty and stay away from fast food but i would say yeah just take it easy for a while so your body can have a chance to recoup and recover before going hardcore on the chinese.Health Question & Answer

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