Why am i spitting black stuff?!

Question: Why am i spitting black stuff.?
i dont smoke but i live with ppl who do smoke and when i drink a soft drink i feel stuff in my throat and i try to cogh it out and out came this black stuff help! im worried that im effected by second hand smoke!and the sof drink thing is rly weird. /:|Health Question & Answer

When I drink soda I get a phlem thing in the back of my throat too. It probably is you soda if you are drinking a colored drink. If it feels like you are coughing it deep from with in your lungs like you do when you have a bad phlemmy cough then I would seek a doctors advice other wise if it isn't a deep throat thing I wouldn't be too alarmed unless it hurts when you cough...Health Question & Answer

If you check in your mouth you are probably chewing the tobacca your boy friend left in you the other week.Health Question & Answer

the only time I've had anything black come out of my mouth is when I had taken pepto bismal. It happened later. some chemical in it . metal or somethingHealth Question & Answer

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