In which of thse will you have hypothermia quicker?!

Question: In which of thse will you have hypothermia quicker.?
each for 5 minutes being naked

1.icy water at 31.5 degrees and a human in it
2.windchill of -25
3.real air temperature at -35Health Question & Answer

Hmm a trick question. Water is ostensibly frozen at 31.5F on the other hand if it is in motion I think it can drop below that freezing point. Windchill of -25f is the apparent temp at skin point and certainly dangerous. And -35f real temp is certainly more dangerous. However I think that since the cap is 5 minutes 2 and three would cause substantial burns but the water would drop your core temp quicker causing subsequent hypothermic results. But there are quite a few unknowns here. Good question.Health Question & Answer

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