Helppppppppp me please :'(?!

Question: Helppppppppp me please :'(.?
I don't know what's wrong with me :( i have had a horrible week! everyday has been a bad day for me, and people are just making me so paranoid and i just want to scream! I am not usually like this, and i need to know how to control myself! I'm to the point where i'm crying, yelling at my mom, and ignoring all my texts and calls because these stupid people won't leave me alone!!! i need to calm down! anybody help me.?Health Question & Answer

r u about to start ur period.?
hey! you might need to change your diet and get better sleep. that can def cause anxiety and have your nerves on edge. i think you need to get some decaf hot tea..go take a hot bath...get a good movie and spend a whole evening relaxing and breathe in and out and just try to clear your will work.Health Question & Answer

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Most grocery stores have it in the Coffee Tea isle.Health Question & Answer

I remember when I felt like that and the best thing was to exercise or just go for a long walk. something is happening in your life, some type of change and it may seem difficult to recognize just what it is. Or you may know what it is and you don't want to face it. Sometimes when you find the root of your anger then you can take another step towards feeling at peace.Health Question & Answer

Why you have the angry thoughts and are being stressed so badly is unimportant. You are who is important. If you have an adult friend you can speak with do so. Otherwise here is a site and a couple phone numbers. Take advantage of them. You are NOT alone kiddo! Best of luck to you.
800-442-4673Health Question & Answer

Scream and yell and jump up and down until you get it all out. Then take a bath and go to sleep for the whole weekend. also, it might help to write down all your thoughts in a notebook or something just to get it off your chest.Health Question & Answer

Try to hit up the gym, go for a run, do some crunches in your room. Suck up to a friend or family member and try to get them to give a massage.Health Question & Answer

clear your mind.

then draw or paint or do something relaxing and expressive. that helps me. :]Health Question & Answer

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