Devastation of the least known yet most suffered...?!

Question: Devastation of the least known yet most suffered....?
I had a role model, who just recently turned out to be completely opposite my initial idea of said person.

Any similar experiences.? How did you deal with it.?Health Question & Answer

We are all human and fail. Any time you put someone up on a pedestal, you are daring them to fall. Eventually, they most certainly will. Understand that we all experience temptations, and no matter how strong we are (or want to be), we will eventually yield to some.

Jesus was the only perfect role model, and He was crucified. Look to Him and not man. He will be faithful.Health Question & Answer

I haven't had any similar experiences but my advice is just pick another person, and realize that they are only human, and that the other person that you are about to pick is just as susceptible to making mistakes and may or may not live up to your expectations. Instead of passing through role models at the first flaw you can also learn from their mistakes. Lastly work at improving yourself regardless of what negative influences are around you.Health Question & Answer

Depends on how different they are than you'd originally thought, and whether or not it was your mistake in misjudging them or they had hidden who they were.

I can imagine either way, it would be upsetting. How upsetting depends on the circumstance.

What does this have to do with Health.?Health Question & Answer

you accept that your "role model" is no more or less human than you are, it's called growing up.Health Question & Answer

You write them off.Nuff said.Health Question & Answer

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