Ways to stay awake????!

Question: Ways to stay awake.?.?.?.?
i really dont want ot go to sleep cuz its my bday tommorow and i want to stay up really late! i ussually saty up till like 1 am but im sorta tired now and its only 10 pm! So what r some ways to not fall asleep.?.?Health Question & Answer

count every 8 seconds for people dying! its like counting sheep but it keeps u awake! or play on the computer!

~Dilly.Puff and Hannahluvsyogurt!Health Question & Answer

Well I wouldn't recommend depriving yourself of sleep ;) But if you must..

Stay occupied. Occupation of the mind will often not let your body sleep (in fact I can't sleep a lot because I can't stop thinking).

Other things (that may or may not work that are probably also not good for you)

Energy Drinks
Exercise (though that is good for you) - objects in motion tend to stay in motion

drink alcohol
relax (because.. objects at rest tend to stay at rest)
stare at the clock (gets boring :P)Health Question & Answer

drink soda Coffee

watch a bunch movies

happy earlie b-dayHealth Question & Answer

drink coffee and coke anything with caffine in itHealth Question & Answer

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