How long does marijuana stay in your body?!

Question: How long does marijuana stay in your body.?
and how can i clean my body of of marijuana
and dont say "dont do it" and all of thet bull s#itHealth Question & Answer

When you smoke pot, the chemicals and such cling to your fat cells and stay there. It can take up to a month for them all to dissolve, which is why in some cases people feel the effects for up to days after smoking.

The best way to clean your body of it is by drinking something that will flush you out. Tea works wonders, some people drink lots of water or cranberry juice. Basically anything that will make you urinate like crazy, because things in your blood eventually turn into urine. Therefore, you are clensing yourself of all traces of it that was once in your blood.

However, you can never really remove it from your hair. So, if you are about to take a drug test using hair, you're screwed. Sorry.Health Question & Answer

DON'T drink a bunch of water, cranberry juice or any of the other countless psuedoscientific methods you'll hear as an answer, they will dilute the creatine in your urine and you will fail your test. Stay away from detox drinks as well, a clinically given drug test will bust you for using them.

Besides, you can't "Flush it out" the body isn't built like that. You can't "Flush out toxins" that's nonsense.

THC is fat soluble, burn as much fat as you can for as long as you have, then don't exercise the day before the test. Don't test with your first wizz of the day.

If you're a skinny guy with a fast metabolism who smokes infrequently, it could be gone in 4 days. If you're a woman, or have excess body fat and smoke heavily, it could be over a month.Health Question & Answer

It really depends on how often you smoke, how much of it, and how long you've been smoking. It also depends on the fat contents in your body- the more fat you have, the longer it will be detectable for. The mothod of consumption is another factor you need to take into consideration (some methods get more THC into your body than others).
There are like liquid cleansers that you can drink. They work for some people but not everyone.Health Question & Answer

Thc stays in your system for 30 days its stored in your blood cells
so to fasten this process you should do some cardio and drink some craneberry juice

watch out when you do cardio you may feel the "high" coming back cuse thc is released in that wayHealth Question & Answer

marijuana stays in your body for a month. It binds to your fat cells. Labs do a test called specific gravity to tell If you have been drinking alot of water to flush it out. You can also go to a drug store and get a do it yourself drug testing kit.Health Question & Answer

Depending on use 25-45 days. If you flush your body w/water & or carnberry juice the impurities will dispurse quicker. It's in hair folicals up to a year.Health Question & Answer

It depends on your metabolism and how much you smoke, usually a couple weeks. Taking niacin helps clear it from your systemHealth Question & Answer

depending on how much you smoked and how often. if you smoke a lot then it will take about 1-3 months if your a casual smoker it will only take about 5-10 daysHealth Question & Answer

they say 30 days I had a friend that drank water till all he pissed was water... he did this for a week and passed, I was shocked because I didn't think that was going to work but it did......?Health Question & Answer

28 days to remove all traces.Health Question & Answer

Donno But its stays in your hair for months.Health Question & Answer

30 daysHealth Question & Answer

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