Why do i smoke cigarettes? ?!

Question: Why do i smoke cigarettes.? .?
i've been smoking for 5 years, since im 16. i don't know why im doing this, the only reason i smoke is that i think it gives me a moment of peace when im so stressed, obsessed. sometimes i get this felling of i should act now and drop it before it is too late, but i always ignore it and delay it for some more weeks(delayed it for a year already), i know that i can quit smoking any time but i just fell that am not ready yet. i tried getting busy, by doing things that would help me smoke less,running everyday , working out in the gym. but nothing worked i even smoke more now than i usually did.
i just don't know why am i continuing this habit when i know it is going kill me .?Health Question & Answer

ps. i dont smoke i just wanted to help you.

here's the link.
it will help you.Health Question & Answer

I've smoking since 20 and Its all because of Nicotine you're addicted to this stuff.Health Question & Answer

I'm coming to that sad realization myself. It's a drag.Health Question & Answer

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