How to correct a lazy eye permanently?!

Question: How to correct a lazy eye permanently.?
I have a lazy eye, my right one. I can control it, too. I can move it inward, and when I do it, I can't see a thing. My vision just gets extremely blurred. When I look at myself in a mirror, and focus on myself, my eyes quickly go back to normal, but sometimes it feels like my bad eye is turned inward. Sometimes I find it hard to read because I feel one eye go out of place, and my eyes start to hurt.

Is there any way I can cure my lazy eye permanently
without wearing a patch.?

If I don't correct my lazy eye, what will happen in the future.?

Much thanks,
KhrisHealth Question & Answer

Eye drops can help correct a lazy eye.Surgery also. Question & Answer

You should definitely consult an opthamalogist (eye doctor). They can tell you your different options, give expert advice & tell you the possible complications later on if your eye isn't corrected.Health Question & Answer

Without using a patch, surgery is the only way.Health Question & Answer

remove the eyeHealth Question & Answer

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