Sometimes I have Insomnia?!

Question: Sometimes I have Insomnia.?
not often but when I do it's horrible like tonight/today. I have been to bed 3 different times tonight and just can't sleep. I soooo should be tired but I am not. Any suggestions.Health Question & Answer

Hi Steffy.
Sometimes my insomnia is brought on by hormone fluctuations.
I have a few different things that work for me.
If I have a warm glass of milk that is usually relaxing.
Switching places/beds/couch, kind of like a change of scenery.
Lots of times I go on a "thinking or worrying binge which makes it impossible to sleep. That is when I'll leave the TV on (on something boring) just for light noise to shut my thoughts out.
If time allows, a warm foot soak is relaxing.
And lastly, because I know occasionally I have insomnia, I keep Valerian in my medicine cabinet.
It's 100% natural and I don't have a "hang over" feeling from it in the morning.
I wish you the best. Nights like this are terrible.Health Question & Answer

Sleeping pills aren't exactly the best option. They can make you drowsy even after you wake up, and leave you feeling drowsy the rest of the day. Which isn't really a nice feeling.

I always find that watching tv makes my eyes sore and puts me to sleep. But, maybe if you do some exercise in the late afternoon, before you eat and watch tv.? It might make you that bit more tired, and make it easier for you to sleep.

Good luck :) I hate sleepless nights!Health Question & Answer

Nope. You are like me. I am 50 years old. I can lay down for 2 to 3 hours in the evening and be up most of the night, sleep for another 3 to 4 hours (say from 4 am to 7 or 8 am) and be up the rest of the day and have Plenty of energy. Guess some people just don't require a lot of sleep.Health Question & Answer

Listen to meditation music. it doesnt necassarily put u to sleep but does help you deal with emotions which might be cause of your insomnia.Health Question & Answer

Get your self a nice big fluffy bud of a indica and its sweet dreams my friend.Health Question & Answer

sleeping pills!!!Health Question & Answer

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