How do you keep yourself warm, especially hands and the body?!

Question: How do you keep yourself warm, especially hands and the body.?
Please don't say mittens, scarves, etc, because we don't use those here. I'm from the Philippines, and as you know it's a tropical country.. Anyway, the past few weeks have been mild(cold for us lol) about 18 degrees was the lowest in Manila. It's very cod during the mornings and evenings, and when it's cloudy at the same time windy. So any suggestions.? And it's also hard to take a bath because of he cold weather lolHealth Question & Answer

I'm 15 and I live in Canada. The temperature outside today is -35 degrees Celsius. it makes sense to "dress for the weather". If it's cold wear warm clothes and if its hot wear cool loose clothing. In your case I realize that you don't want to wear mittens and fir hat. If you wear as hoodie (hooded jacket) you could put your hands in the pockets to keep them warm.

BTW. At 18 degrees, I would be very comfortably warm. It's a good temperature to take a swim in the lake.Health Question & Answer

Most of your body heat is actually lost through your head, believe it or not, because the mouth, ears, and nose all provide exit points for warm air to leave your body. Therefor, warm hats are very important.

Jackets and blankets work fine, too. I fail to see why you can't get or make some mittens or scarves, though. Surely someone knows how to sew or knit....?

Use warm water for the bath, if you can. In the olden days before there were water heaters, people used to boil water over a stove or other fireplace to have warm bathwater. If it's too hot, then you can add cold water. I don't know if there's a bathtub or shower in your house, but people used to use ordinary, round water basins to hold the bathwater. Of course, if there was any way you could get a water heater and/or bathtub in your house, that would be even better.Health Question & Answer

im from manila, philippines too, really cold right, im just not used to it, well wat i do is, weatr a jacket and place my hands under my lap or place my hands around my neck......Health Question & Answer

wear a hat (furry works best and make sure it covers you ears.), a fleece jacket should help and pants. try to chew some spicy gum like Big Red or what ever.Health Question & Answer

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