I was laying down and i got up. my head was spinning like crazy for about a minute but it felt like forever..?!

Question: I was laying down and i got up. my head was spinning like crazy for about a minute but it felt like forever...?
then i literally was spinning around the room trying to keep my balance to not fall. and now i'm laying back down and i'm really scared. my heart is pounding like crazy. this is the 3rd time it has happened to me today. It used to happen to me quite frequently years ago but i never payed any attention to it. i also fell one time while i was trying to keep my balance. what is wrong with me.? please let me know what you think before i go to the doctor's.Health Question & Answer

It sounds like you are experiencing a sudden drop in blood pressure due to going from a laying position to a standing position. This is called "orthostatic hypotension." It accounts for the symptoms, but doesn't explain WHY it's happening. So I'm glad you are going to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

Have you had your blood pressure checked.? Low blood pressure can cause some of the symptoms you describe...but this sounds like something that you really need a professional opinion on...your heart may be pounding because of the level of anxiety you are feeling. But you must know that you should see someone or you would not be so worried about it.

Please go to the doctor ASAP...the symptoms could be anything and anyway the worry is just not good for you!!Health Question & Answer

nah you're okay. It can sometimes be a symptom of blood pressure medication.
Otherwise you just stood up to quickly, just slowly get up next time. Once i fell due to getting up and feeling everything spin.Health Question & Answer

it may be low blood pressure OR you may be dehydrated and hungry! eat and drink something and see if it changes!Health Question & Answer

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