Would piercing my ears affect my future baby?!

Question: Would piercing my ears affect my future baby.?
I'm David, and I'm only 17 years old. I know for a FACT that I can never donate blood again if I get my ears pierced, because of the mixture of the blood and the metal itself from the earring. But if I do get pierced, would my future baby have some problems because of my blood having this kind of mixture.?Health Question & Answer

You can donate blood again, but you must wait 12 months after having your ears pierced before you can do it. There is plenty of information on blood donation rules on the internet. Therefore, any future children would be unaffected.
If there was a problem, do you not think that the practice of ear piercing would have been made illegal.Health Question & Answer

No, ear piercings would not affect your child at all (at least, biologically). I'm actually surprised to learn that you can't donate blood if your ears are pierced. Did you hear that from a credible source.? Because I find it a little difficult to believe. Your ears (if they even bleed at all) only bleed for a second, and most earrings are made from safe metals, so you, your baby, and the person you're donating blood to should all be fine.Health Question & Answer

you can only not donate blood if you peirce your own ear,not if you have it done profesionally.and no your baby wont be affectedHealth Question & Answer

Heavens no! That just a myth. However if it is against your relegion DONT GET IT DONE!Health Question & Answer

What.? Where did you hear that.? I have my ears pierced and I can donate blood...Health Question & Answer

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