Concerned about eye infection even though went to the doctor today?!

Question: Concerned about eye infection even though went to the doctor today.?
This never happened to me before and i am freaking out a bit. I went to the doctor today turns out i have a sever ear infection but it is also effecting my eyes. he gave me eye drops but there's puss coming out of both eyes and i am extremely concerned they are very dried out and red n irritated. i put the eye drop which were prescribed 4 times a day so should i just relax and do what the doctor says is this normal for sinus/ear infections.?Health Question & Answer

The bacteria that is causing your sinus/ear infection has probably deposited itself into your eye also and has lead to conjunctivitis, more commonly known as "pink eye". The most common symptoms with this are redness, irritation, itching. Conjunctivitis can be caused by a bacteria or a virus which can cause a yellowish to greenish discharge, which is similar in looks to puss, that will form a "crust" when it dries and make it feel like your eyes are glued shut. The most common treatment is eye drops which will be applied 4 times daily. Use the prescription as prescribed and use a warm wash cloth when you wake up to gently clean your eyes. Generally this condition clears up after about 2 days on the medication. If by chance it does not contact an opthamologist. And remember, bacteria and viruses are contagious. Wash your hands well and make sure you don't touch the inside of your eye with the bottle when applying the medication.Health Question & Answer

Yes, this can happen sometimes with sinus infections. And this is how eye infections are.
Use a warm compress to soak your eyes in the morning so the junk can get softer and you can open your eyes. Make sure to use the drops like you were told to. Make sure you finish any antibiotic pills you were told to. Wash your hands before + after eye drops, and a LOT during the day; these eye infections are VERY contagious. Do lots of that Purell hand-stuff, too, when you are around the house with your family.
So, yeah, just relax and do what your dr told you. Don't rub your eyes; it will make them feel worse. Drink lots of fluids + rest. Call your dr if your eyes or anything else feels worse instead of better so you can go back.
Hope you feel better soon.Health Question & Answer

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