Help! Blocked ears due to cold....?!

Question: Help! Blocked ears due to cold.....?
I have had a really nasty cold for about a week now and it's showing no signs of stopping. Sore throat, blocked ears, cough, congestion, ect.

The worst part of all is my ears. Both ears feel really blocked and everything sounds muffled. It feels like I have loads of pressure build up in my ears, like I have just been swimming and there is water in there.

Help! What can I do to get rid of this feeling.

I can't go to the doctors because they are closed all weekend and I need to get better soon because I have to give an important speech/presentation at work on monday, and would like to hear what i am saying!

Does anyone have any fast and effective remedies or soloutions.?.?.?.?

Please help!

ThanksHealth Question & Answer

Lie down and get someone to put a drop of olive oil in your ear. Then put a piece of cotton wool in your ear and then do the same with your other ear. Hope your ear gets better soon.Health Question & Answer

i have just had the same thing,its horrible when your ears go like that,you feel like your living in your head,my ears went back to normal a couple of times when i sneezed or blew my nose but they soon went again,i think as annoying as it is you just have to let it take its courseHealth Question & Answer

try a medicine with propolis from the pharmacy .You warm it at your oven or whatever and then put it close to your years. Anyway it won't pass before the cold passes. Try also drinking tones of natural teas especially chamomile . It worked for me 3 years ago.Health Question & Answer

sinus infection it prolly started with the nose then the mucus clogged the vaules in your face and it cloggs ears to do an ear infection and then the throat and couch and its horrible ... go get amoxacilin quickly it will turn into mono!!! it is going around.Health Question & Answer

Try sudafed, its a decongestant. I suffer with my ears too, (get vertigo when I have bad colds etc, hurts like hell when flying), and that's what my specialist recommended I take to ease the pressure on my ears.Health Question & Answer

I had the same thing as you just a few days ago.
I haven't tried those Sudafed things, but it might be worth a go. What I do is pinch my nose and blow or yawn.
Try some sucky sweets or chewing gum as well.
Hope you get better ;DHealth Question & Answer

why not go to the chemist in your area and see if you can get sudafed and see if they will help there are new ones out now which clear a headache and a blocked nose hope you are better soon and good luck with your presentationHealth Question & Answer

Multi-Symptom cold medicine with a decongestant. In the meantime, try pinching your nose and trying to blow through it. :DHealth Question & Answer

Pardon.?Health Question & Answer

hand over your nose, shut your mouth and blow, like your on a plane. They might pop.Health Question & Answer

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