Am I considered a heavy weed smoker?!

Question: Am I considered a heavy weed smoker.?
I never smoked before but earlier this month I smoked 4 times in 4 days (around 2-3 hits).. am I considered a heavy smoker.? How long will it stay in my body (THC).?Health Question & Answer

about a week, drink lots of water, exercise, maybe take a few niacin pills and u will pass. def drink a good amount of water (4-6 bottles) the day of ur test(if that is the case) and take a few bcomplex vitamins about an hour or so b4 to color your urine yellow to evade suspicion.

obv if uve never smoked b4 and u smoked 4 times and only took a few tokes u are not a heavy smoker. use your head moron: ) heavy smoking is smoking 4 or 5 times a week for an extended period of time ; )Health Question & Answer

no thats not considered heavy, my boyfriend would be considered heavy! He smokes it multiple times a day. if you dont smoke it anymore and drink lots of water it should be out of your system in a week or 2Health Question & Answer

No thats not too much, if you didn't smoke before that it should be out of your system in a couple of weeks at the most right after.
Other factors would be your weight bodyfat percentage etc.Health Question & Answer

Not a heavy smoker because it was an one off. Someone mentioned 6 months before but I'm not sure.Health Question & Answer

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