Do you have an eating disorder?Please look here!?!

Question: Do you have an eating disorder.?Please look here!.?
I have a project and I want to interveiw a girl or boy with an eating disorder but no one will admit if they have one, so I've com here to ask you if I can interveiw you here.? If so read down:

1. When did you discover you had an eating disorder and why did you develop one.?

2. Can you discribe to me a day as an bulimic/anoreic etc person.?

3. Does your familie or friends know you have it.?

4. How do you cope with it.?

5. Do you like haveing an eating disorder or do you want to get treated.?

6. Do you think that the media should take the blame for eating disorders.?If not why.?

7. Anything else you would like to share with us.?


1. it really physically began around age 11. but Ive kept diaries my whole life and read from one when I was like 8 years old saying things like "I dont like eating. I wonder what will happen if I just stop.?" and stuff like that. I remember being as young as four and thinking I had a big ugly belly. I've never been remotely fat my whole life, but ive always felt like I am.
2. i've been both, and right now I'm anorexic only. I only eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich a day. sometimes if my boyfriend is eating something that looks really good I'll take a few bites of it, but then I dont get to eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich. anything I eat must be 0 fat cal if it isnt within the above boundaries. sometimes I'm forced to go out to eat, where I ask the waiter the fat cals of everything and usually cut everything in half & only eat 1/4-1/2 of everything. but then I punish myself and dont eat again for a day or so. I look in my full length mirror for hours and weigh myself every chance I get. the second I go above 92.5 I'm an emotional wreck.
3. friends, no but kinda. I try to pretend I'm just a health nut. I'm 18 so my family thinks I'm over it and doesn't ask further questions.
4. I dont know. I dont really "cope". its just normal to me at this point.
5. I wish I could eat whatever I want and look as good as do. but if getting help meant getting bigger, then screw that. I look like a model and I'm keeping it that way.
6. popular majority of them yes. but a lot of them are deeply seeded mental issues that stem from something in their childhood. sure media gives me "thinspiration" but its definitey not caused by it.
7. my heroin addiction feeds my anorexia because I dont get hungry. it used to feed my bulemia when I used to do a lot bigger amounts. I'd eat 5 huge meals a day and throw it all up.
EDIT: this website will really help you. there are many types
of eating disorders besides anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, such as anorexia athletica and orthorexia. the website is and on the left side, click on "types of eating disorders." it has full explainations of each disorder if you click on the name of the disorder.Health Question & Answer

1.When I was In 2nd grade Some kid called me fattie. 2 everyone stairs. And Kinda Looks at you like thinkin ur a chubster.It ver hard to walk carrying like 100 extra pounds around.3yeah My mom feeds me lots.4when i go grocery shopping i use the wierd cart that s like a wheel chair.5 I h8 having my eating disorders but its kinda like drugs im addicted.6 err... Probly Good fattening food thats delicoouis7 I hate my self and life.Health Question & Answer

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