SWEATY PALMS...cure i wanna be able to hold hands with my boyfreind?!

Question: SWEATY PALMS...cure i wanna be able to hold hands with my boyfreind.?
any advice will be good.Health Question & Answer

Well short of going to a dermatologist and getting a treatment for sweating from him (yes there is a treatment) I suggest you either go some place cold or quell your excitement or nervousness around him. This may not be easy, it could be done through self hypnosis. I am quite sure he does not mind your sweaty palms problem near as much as you think it is a big deal though. If he likes you a lot I am sure he will overlook it.Health Question & Answer

If extremely sweaty palms often make you afraid to hold hands with a date or shake hands with a business associate, you're not alone. It turns out that a surprising number of people share the embarrassing problem of hyperhidrosis -- or excessive sweating. And researchers now report that the disorder is genetic. "Traditionally, this syndrome was thought of as stress-related."This is one of the first studies helping to support that 'sweaty palms' is a real physiological disorder that can be passed from generation to generation."Hyperhidrosis can truly affect one's life and career, such as a police officer dropping a gun and having a suspect literally slip away, or a fireman not being able to pull a hose, or a banker unable to handle money due to severely sweating palms. According to the researchers, if one parent has the disorder, their kids have a 28% chance of having it, too. And if a child has the disorder, the parents have a 14% chance of also having it. Hyperhidrosis is not related to sex or ethnicity -- men, women, and people of all ethnic groups are equally affected.The strong inheritance pattern and large number of people with family recurrence of the disorder indicate that hyperhidrosis may be caused by a dominant gene. The sympathetic nerve, the same system that governs the "fight or flight" reaction, causes excessive sweating. It signals blood vessels to constrict, leaving hands and feet cold and sweaty. If you've been suffering with hyperhidrosis, see your doctor. There is help available. One treatment involves minimally invasive surgery to snip the sympathetic nerve connection to the hand. So far,the operation has been 100% successful, with no negative side effects.Health Question & Answer

Do you drink a lot of caffeine.?
Sometimes, what you eat or drink affects your health, such as your condition. Consult your doctor, ASAP. My friend had the same problem, until he went to his doctor. Gave him medicine and creme. Now he's sweat-free.

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

just wear gloves or put your sleeve over your hand. I don't think there's a cure for sweaty palms. Do they sweat because your nervous.? Then the only cure for that is to jut relax =]Health Question & Answer

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