What is this lump? Please help me!!?!

Question: What is this lump.? Please help me!!.?
Well i noticed last year in june or so that i had a lump in the back of my neck that was around one and a half inches. It is hard and doesnt move around
Before i ever felt it, i had such symptoms as Fatigue, weakness, etc.

Now it's around 2 1/2 or 3 inches.

My symptoms have intensified.

My windpipe whistles when i breathe (but not in an infected way)
My legs have this nasty itch
Sometimes i feel slightly feverish(not every day but once in a while)

I went to the doctors a few times but nothing was done..
I got tested for pretty much every infection in the world. Including mono/EBV etc. I also got tested for thyroid problems.
Its not a cyst or a muscle strain, and it isn't from stress.
What might be afflicting me.? I'm 14.Health Question & Answer

It could actually be a cyst. Likely, it is a benign tumour. Don't worry: benign means harmless.

However, the reason you may feel these symptoms is that it may be interfering with surrounding tissues.

See another doctor As Soon As Possible.

Good Luck and Be Optimistic. 14 is too young for cancer.Health Question & Answer

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