When would you need to give a semen/sperm sample?!

Question: When would you need to give a semen/sperm sample.?
i was just wondering. do they give you a playboy and a cup and tell you to do your business in the bathroom.?Health Question & Answer

Your doctor would want a semen sample for 2 reasons:
1. fertility evaluation - to check your semen for proper quality and quantity of sperm.
2. post-vasectomy evaluation - to make sure that there is no sperm in your seminal fluid.

You can take the bottle and collect the sample in the privacy of your own home but someone would have to deliver it to the lab within 30-40 minutes. It needs to be kept at body temperature (in a pocket, close to the body is good, while a purse or car seat is not so much)

You can also use a public restroom but it might be intimidating, especially if you are a moaner... generally you need to (and should) provide your own visual stimulation (magazine etc), you might not want to touch the exact same magazine that countless of men used before you (who knows what residue might be on the pages)
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

I had to give a sample when my wife was having trouble getting prego. anyway they gave me the bottle , and told me to return it the next day, within one hour of production time. no bathroom, no Playboy. My wife helped with the extraction.Health Question & Answer

When someone is evaluating your semen regarding procreation.

Yes, they do give you some sort of lewd material and a cup and tell you to do your business in the bathroom.Health Question & Answer

At my local hospital they gave me the sample cup to take home and bring back with the sample. In most cases I believe the sample has to be brought in within 30 minutes of when it was produced.Health Question & Answer

from what ive seen on movies and shows like scrubs that the idea,Health Question & Answer

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