Medical question (hypothetical)?!

Question: Medical question (hypothetical).?
*Speaking hypothetically*
Let's say a person was in a horrible accident of some sort and was rushed to the ER, receiving medical care within an hour. They were found to have a fractured neck, beck and arm, yet they were not paralyzed. Those were their only large injuries. What, generally, would the status of that person be after, say, 24 hours.? Like would they be able to talk.? also, how long would a person sustaining that many bad injuries be in the hospital for.? Would it be days, weeks, months even.? This answer to this question may vary a lot, but i'm just curious if anyone had answer. also, just to make it clear, this didn't actually happen to anyone i know.Health Question & Answer

As long as the spinal cord is not cut or broken, the back and neck bones can be broken without paralyzing the patient. Really don't suggest fully breaking the neck because you could cut off the airflow. They would be in critical conditions right off, in 24 hours they would be in serious condition and still in ICU. They would still be able to talk, but they would not be allowed to move until their neck and back injuries would heal. They would be in the hospital for one to two weeks depending on how fast they healed. Six to eight weeks for full recovery to take place. Longer if it is full breaks and not fractures.Health Question & Answer

An ER nurse I knowHealth Question & Answer

That really does not sound hypothetical to me. :\Health Question & Answer

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