What other purpose...........?!

Question: What other purpose............?
What other purpose would you use in inhaler for other than asthma.?

I'm asking b/c when i was about 5 years old until i was like 7 years old, I used an inhaler. I asked my mom if I have asthma and she said no. I'm confused now and that question has been bugging me for years. I'm finally asking it now

Anywayz, thnx for your answers and your time :)Health Question & Answer

There are some off label uses for asthma inhalers.
For Albuterol there are 2 off label uses:
"High potassium in the blood (hyperkalemia)"
"Difficulty breathing associated with respiratory infections, such as pneumonia or the flu"

It is also possible that you did show signs of asthma at around 5 years
of age but you outgrew it or they did not recur.

This is a list of all the inhalers since you probably don't know which one was used.
.?searchString=off+label+inhaler+use" rel="nofollow">http://asthma.emedtv.com/search.html.?sea...

Do you have any allergy issues.? That is another reason of the off-label uusage.

It is also possible that you demonstrated wheezing which is a symptom of asthma and your mother mistook it for asthma in a home diagnosis.

You medical records may be available for you to see, depending upon your age. You should consult your doctor's office.

This is an article about inhaled corticosteroids:
http://www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/4002511...Health Question & Answer

Bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia.Health Question & Answer

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