Is there a way to make a burnt tongue heal faster?!

Question: Is there a way to make a burnt tongue heal faster.?
I burnt my tongue on hot cocoa yesterday and I still can't taste anything on that side of my mouth and it still hurts. Is there a way to make it heal faster.?Health Question & Answer

Step1Remember that the surfaces of your mouth and tongue are mucus membranes, and as such, they heal faster than other areas of your body. So even though your tongue may really hurt, be comforted in knowing that by tomorrow, the burn should be gone.

Step2Cool your tongue with a frozen dessert such as ice cream or sherbet. Let the treat linger on top of your tongue before you swallow it. For severe burns, frozen foods can be left on top of the tongue for 3 to 4 minutes, until the tongue becomes slightly numb and the pain is dulled.

Step3Suck on an ice cube. Don't bite down on the cube, though, because it can crack your teeth.

Step4Inhale air through your mouth, across and over your tongue. The cool breeze will help relieve some of the sting.

Step5Suck on a cough drop containing phenol, which helps numb the tongue's surface.

Step6Talk to your doctor about a prescription for lidocaine hydrochloride oral topical solution, 2 percent, to apply to your tongue. This will numb it and completely relieve your pain.

Step7Avoid using mouthwash or harsh toothpaste until the burn heals.

Step8Pass on oranges, pineapple and other acidic foods until your tongue stops hurting.Health Question & Answer

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