Help! (colon troubles..)?!

Question: Help! (colon troubles..).?
last year, i recovered from anorexia.
i'm eating very good now, but i have one persisting problem: constipation.
for the last year my stools have been VERY hard to pass, dry, and in frequent.
i have been trying to eat more fiber but it doesn't help much and just makes me feel bloated and horrible.

i know constipation can be caused by anorexia, but i've recovered! could my colon be damaged.? what should i do.? i feel absolutely horribleHealth Question & Answer

That's good news that you've recovered from Anorexia it's such a killer.
Now you say your eating good now! are you eating a lot or fresh vegetables and fruit.? Now you may want to get checked out if you believe in Doctors.?
I myself believe in listening to my body it tells me what it's craving or what it needs protein or carbs and in 45 years never been ill or sick healthy as a rock.
You know you can get more fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables than anything else.But to much fiber is a constipater! You can try a stool softener Phillips makes a mild one or you can do what I do and drink 6 cups of coffee something else that works just as good is cereal cold or hot but choose a healthy one and eat a bowl a day. Maybe your just not eating enough yet to have regular bowls.Honestly I'm not sure your eating as healthy as you think,especially if your stools dry, a great fiber food and good for cleaning the colon is chili.Eat some.Health Question & Answer

Try Activa yogourt or some other brand that has live enzymes in it.Health Question & Answer

That doesn't sound good. You should go to the doctor and let them have a look.Health Question & Answer

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