What are your opinions on people with prosthetics?!

Question: What are your opinions on people with prosthetics.?
Do you think they're weird.? I have a prosthetic thumb (lost it in an accident) and have to wear like a spandex glove over my hand to hold it in place. I usually wear long sleeves though to cover the glove. But lately, people have been noticing that I wear long sleeves a lot. It's also getting really hot now, and I hate wearing long sleeves in the summer. Should I just tell people I wear a prosthetic.? I don't want people thinking I'm weird or handicap.. I'm normal. :/ If you see someone with a prosthetic, what do you think of them.? Please answer truthfully. =[Health Question & Answer

i don't think anything of it really.
and to be perfectly honest i think it's really cool.
it really interests me
so yeah i genuinely find it really cool :]Health Question & Answer

don't concern yourself with what other people think about it.
if someone hates you because you have a prosthetic thumb, then THEY have a psychological problem. or they're just a superficial person..

anyway, in MY opinion, i wouldn't mind at all.
but if it makes YOU feel better about yourself to not have others know, then that's okay, too. whatever makes you happier.Health Question & Answer

that's super shallow of those people.
wow. it's just a thumb for goodness sake. what do we need them for anyway but hitting the space bar and giving thumbs up.? oh yeah...nothing!

maybe you're influenced by how other perceive you, but try not to be. if they're willing to look down upon you for lacking a thumb then they are huuuge jerks. like unbelievable huge!Health Question & Answer

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