What should be a average bed time for a 12 year old?!

Question: What should be a average bed time for a 12 year old.?
Well I have activities as most kids do but I get up at 6:35 for school. This is my normal schedule of the week for sports with times.

Sunday- Nothing to do
Monday- Nothing to do
Tuesday- Gymnastics 5:30- 9:00( half hour ride home)
Wednesday- Nothing to do
Thursday- Gymnastics 5:30- 9:00( half hour ride home)
Friday- Nothing to Do
Saturday- Gymnastics 12:30- 3:00

This is just sports schedule not including homework, friends, chores and any last minute pop ups. I'm 12 years old. Can you make a schedule according to these days for my bed times.? Remember I get up at 6:35 for schoolHealth Question & Answer

you should go to bed by ten pm. Ever since I was eleven,. I went to sleep at one, then two, then five, then, now I'm thirteen, I sleep at five or six am and get up for school at seven. It really sucks to be unable to sleep, and I hope no one else has my problems, I just recently started running for about half an hour at about ten outside (I live on acreage) take a shower then fall asleep. If you tire yourself out, it will be easier to fall asleep.
Try going to sleep around the same time everyday, so your body gets usd to a routine, I'm still working on mine. :)
Hope I helped!Health Question & Answer

well, i recommend sleeping around 9 hours every night, so you can wake up with more energy that helps you to grow and stay awake (obviously), as I am 11 years old, turning 12 years old, sleeping longer hours now is very important for you.Health Question & Answer

my brainHealth Question & Answer

I would go to bed at 8;30PM everyday.Health Question & Answer

Past experienceHealth Question & Answer

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