I keep getting headaches?!

Question: I keep getting headaches.?
ive been getting headaches for the last couple of days. sometimes it feels like pressure on the top of my head, right now its just the right side. could it have anything to do with my sleeping being so off lately.?.?Health Question & Answer

Yes, that could defiantly be the problem. When you oversleep, or are deprived of sleep, or even if your sleep pattern is bizarre. Headaches happen more often.

Are you getting enough water.? Dehydration is a major cause of headaches and migraines.Health Question & Answer

Definitely it could. Try taking some tylenol and getting a GOOD 8-10 hours of sleep and see how you feel. If the headaches continue check with your doctor. believe it or not a lot of things can cause constant headaches including some types of birth control!Health Question & Answer

Do you drink enough water.? I use to have this problem until I started to drink more water. I would get pains only one side and they were usually migraines. If you don't drink enough water, maybe drinking more will help. Hope you feel better :o)Health Question & Answer

It could be a cold, or what happened to me is are you new to glasses/contacts.? And if not, you might need some! thats what happened to me n i got n exam on my head! good luck, but it could be a cold!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

it could but it could also be something serious...you should try to get your sleeping back on schedule for a week or so but see a doctor after that if it doesn't help anyHealth Question & Answer

it could be that your sleeping habit has changed.
you also need a balance diet so your body gets enough nutrients.
if your headache gets worse contact your doctor.
to ease the pain take advil
drink a lot of waterHealth Question & Answer

yess it could..sometimes when i wake up i have this weird pain and then it goes away and i think its because i go to sleep late and sleep realllyyy weird lol :)Health Question & Answer

ITS sinus pressure. pollen is fallen big time.Health Question & Answer

go to the doctorHealth Question & Answer

yesHealth Question & Answer

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