If you are over 18 can you bring anyone into your doctor appointment?!

Question: If you are over 18 can you bring anyone into your doctor appointment.?
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Yes! For example, some husbands and wives go to doctor appointments together. Or some people have a person go with them because the doctor is of the opposite gender and they feel more comfortable having someone go in with them. Or you can take a friend or relative for whatever other reason you might have. If the doctor has a problem with that, then you definitely have the wrong doctor! Remember, you are the one paying the bills (or arranging for insurance to pay the bills). The doctors and nurses are working for you.Health Question & Answer

My brother is a doctor and my sister is a nurse. They have no problem with patients bringing someone to appointments.Health Question & Answer

I am 21 and my mom still comes in with me on important appointments. It might depend on the dr. but my hmo has signs everywhere that i am entitle to a chaperon either one of my own or a worker there. I wouldn't bring just anyone though use your judgment and you should be fine.Health Question & Answer

yes, you can. but your doctor may object, and if he doesn't want to treat you with a stranger in the room, you may have to find yourself another doctor, so you might want to ask if he minds.Health Question & Answer

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yeah you canHealth Question & Answer

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