What do hospitals do with medical waste?!

Question: What do hospitals do with medical waste.?
You ever think what happens when someone loses an arm or something what happens to it.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Funny you should ask, because after my leg was crushed after being run over by a train, I made some "witty" comment about how sorry I was that my foot got so messed up since it had always been so good to me, and someone in the room said, "Oh no, your foot was in great shape, as was the boot it was in. It was just your leg that was crushed. If you want your foot, I'm sure we can get it for you." NO THANK YOU!! was something akin to what I said. I don't think they ever told me what they did to my foot, and I'm not sure I really want to know. God Bless you.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, this is an interesting question. I had a bi-lateral mastectomy last Nov. I asked the Oncologist what they did with human parts and all he said was "they are disposed of in the proper manner that is not harmful to the environment" So I asked if that meant they incinerate them and he just smiled. Weird.Health Question & Answer

eww. sorry thats discusting, but em, gooood questionHealth Question & Answer

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