I am having headaches a lot, and i dont know why! Help.?!

Question: I am having headaches a lot, and i dont know why! Help..?
I have been having headaches every single day for about a week now. They hurt horribly, and usually last for a long time. I cant keep taking aspirin, because you cant take it for a certain amount of time. I am currently taking "doxycycline" for acne, and one of the "rare" side effects is headaches, but when i told my Dermatologist about this he said "well your in school so it's probably just from exams and stress" uhhh..... no I didnt have many headaches until i started taking this damn medicine. also, the slightest loud noise sets off a headache. A little bit ago, my chihuahua yiped and now i have a pounding headache. Can anybody tell me what this could be caused by.?Health Question & Answer

What kind of Doctor tells rites off someone who is complaining of a medical condition.? Go to a real doctor ASAP. It maybe nothing, like your medicine, but it sounds like you are suffering from migraines. The doctor also need to check to make sure it isn't anything more serious. Your docor can check to make sure your fine and can give you a new medicine and offer tpes on how to prevent migraines. Do you feel like your eyes are being to strained.? Maybe you should also make an appointment with an eye doctor(if you need glasses or a new prescript for your eye glasses now you may develope headaches). Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

more than likely, it's the meds. stop taking it and set an appointment w/ your derm. tell him you want a change in meds. that's what i would do. i wouldnt want to deal w/ a head ache everyday just to get rid of acne!
tell the derm. and dont let him get away w/ saying it's just stress. doctors arent always rightHealth Question & Answer

You should see a medical doctor - not your dermatologist. Any "new" or "different" headache can be a sign of something more serious. Please get checked out by real doctor.Health Question & Answer

the acne medicine is probably the cause.
stop the meds for a few days and see if things are better
then go to your dermatologist and tell him the news....Health Question & Answer

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