Do I have a Cold or just Allergies?!

Question: Do I have a Cold or just Allergies.?
I don't really know,
I have nasal congestion, but I don't sneeze that much, maybe just a couple times every few hours. I know it is Allergy season, and I'm just getting this...
Earlier I had a sore throat, but that has pretty much faded out by now.
I sometimes do have to blow my nose because my nose feels really stopped up. The discharge isn't yellow or thick or anything, its thin and clear. I blow my nose about every 5 minutes or so, so I just don't know.
Thanks for ur help :)Health Question & Answer

Usually, if it's clear stuff you're blowing out, it's allergies. The icky colored stuff usually happens with colds and sinus infections. Another symptom of allergies can be itching(eyes,ears, throat). Try an off brand name for Benadryl. Feel better soon, I know what you're going through.Health Question & Answer

Me, and the doctors I've seen. I've had three sinus infections since the beginning of 2009!Health Question & Answer

It sounds like you have a cold. They are self limiting. Take paracetamol for any pain, push fluid intake and get rest.Health Question & Answer

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