I just saw a youtube video and I'm sick that I want to vomit, help?!

Question: I just saw a youtube video and I'm sick that I want to vomit, help.?
I just saw the "Half Man, Half Tree" youtube video and it made me sick. It's basically a man that has warts and tree branches and stuff growing all over his body....omg I'm nauseous and I think I'm going to have nightmares....

Any tips to calm down.?Health Question & Answer

Clean. Cleaning (my most hated chore) always takes my mind off of things not matter what it is. And btw, he has had a lot of treatment now and is having all that stuff removed. Might make ya feel better I dunno. Pepto for sure if you still feel icky.Health Question & Answer


Take a few deep breaths and relax all muscles in your body. Sink into your chair as if you were a limp noodle. Listen to some calm music.

Just relax for a couple minutes and try not to think about it.

Out of curiosity, I just glanced at the movie, and oh my, I can see how that can make one feel a little nauseous.

Breathe.Health Question & Answer

Watch a music video..
Such as Just Dance by Lady GaGa
Disturbia by Rhianna
Womanizer by Britney Spears
Watch a comedy movie or something.

A fast song . lolHealth Question & Answer

First thing that came to mindHealth Question & Answer

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, think of something else.Health Question & Answer

Watch a funny show/movie, or do something to take your mind off itHealth Question & Answer

Drink some Pepto = ]Health Question & Answer

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