What are causes for muscle spasms?!

Question: What are causes for muscle spasms.?
I've started experiencing muscle spasms in my eye lid, my hand, and my leg (all on the left side of my body). They started a week and a half ago, just once or twice a day, but now it's happening almost all day long.

Everyone I've mentioned it to has assured me that it's just stress, seeing as I've been working two jobs on top of preparing for university; but I'm incredibly paranoid, because my mother, who was diagnosed with MS last year, suffered the same type of muscle spasms (though to a much greater degree.) for years before she was diagnosed.

So I'd love to know if there are any other causes for muscle spasms, to *hopefully* put me at ease... or send me running to the doctor. Either works. Thanks in advance :)Health Question & Answer

There are several; epileptic seizure is one that comes to mind, as well as Parkinson's.Health Question & Answer

EpilepticHealth Question & Answer

The reason why I get so many is because I don't drink enough water and eat enough food. Getting more of this stuff keeps your body refreshed and relaxed. When your body is in need of some, it freaks out and is basically asking you to drink a WHOLE lot of water.
So go and eat/drink healthy!
Good luck.Health Question & Answer

anorexia patient.Health Question & Answer

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