Bloody nose and dizziness? Any ideas?!

Question: Bloody nose and dizziness.? Any ideas.?
I was walking around today in the morning and I became very dizzy. But it's hard to explain, I was walking, but I didn't realize I was dizzy at first, and I ended up walking in a crooked line. But I had a full breakfast this morning.

Then about five hours later I was sitting down and the room started spinning, and a few seconds after that I had a bloody nose. But it didn't last long. Usually my bloody noses last to about 10 minutes.

I just felt kinda weird today, but I don't know if this is something serious or not. I've had bloody noses all the time, but the dizziness was just something new. Any ideas.? I'm just curious to see what you all will say.Health Question & Answer

pick your poison.. however since your common nose bleeds, id go with allergies. Question & Answer

i'm not a docter but it sounds like ur not getting enough blood to the brain maybe if u smoke or have a weak heart or if it is a hemmorage somwhere in ur head where the blood is not reaching the brain and spilling out a vein and somehow ending up out ur nose but like a said these are theories and don't worry but yeah go get it looked at and don't look at hemmorage and worry either it could very well be something elseHealth Question & Answer

none sorryHealth Question & Answer

You should got to the doctor. But take care of yourself. Make sure that you drink extra water and get enough iron because you loosing blood all the time. Sometimes nose bleeds do make me sickish. I used to get nosebleeds all the time about a couple of years ago, I never found out why but they did go away after a while.Health Question & Answer

go to a doctor,...sounds a little seriousHealth Question & Answer

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