Trying to lose weight and getting diarrhea?!

Question: Trying to lose weight and getting diarrhea.?
I am trying to lose weight by exercising, eating right and increasing my water intake. I am not eating nearly the amount that I was before. I have only been doing this for 3 going on 4 days now and I have experienced explosive, burning, painful diarrhea! Is this normal.? Along with the diarrhea is gas and bloating. I hope I don't have to go anymore today bc my bum is so sore!! TMI.?! Is this sort of thing normal.? Is it my body adjusting to the changes.?Health Question & Answer

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The burning is from the stomach acid, you need to neutralizes stomach acids by eating bread (a slice or more) or plain popcorn (one cup).
Here is an something that I research and emailed to my ungrateful ex, he had some of the same symptoms, too! I hope that you find it to be useful... Either way, you are damaging your stomach and intestines, those stomach acids are strong enough to burn through your stomach and damage other organs. It is not normal to have explosive, burning, constant diarrhea with gas, you should know I correct.? You say that you are eating right, it seems like you are missing several key foods. If you have gas and blotting you are not eating enough food, plain and simple, there are so many foods that you can eat and still lose extra weight.
Losing weight is not the right thing to do if you are causing yourself permanent damage. That's is why you probably have heard it said that a dieter must be supervised by a physician. The meal plan that you have chosen is just not working, it is not nutritious.

Here is the list of items:
1. Canada Dry Ginger Ale or any Ginger ale soda
-helps to relieve an upset stomach...ginger seems to absorb the gastric acid....causes you to burp out the gases

2. French's Mustard or any mustard
-can use as a condiment or cooking ingredient...helps with digestion

3. Phillips' Milk of Magnesia
-relieve heartburn by quelling the acids in your stomach

4. Uncle Ben's Converted Brand Rice
-a food high in complex carbohydrates, absorb acid in the stomach and relieves heartburn

5. Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
-the act of chewing stimulates saliva production, which neutralizes stomach acid and corrects the flow of digestive juices. Spearmint also helps aid digestion

-Open a can of Coca-Cola, let it sit until it goes flat (roughly 30 minutes), then drink the de-fizzed real thing. Coca-Cola was originally invented as an elixir to cure upset stomachs, and it still works. Letting the bubbles out of the soda prevents the carbonation from further upsetting your stomach.

*eating Popcorn...helps with digestion because of the fiber....there is 1 gram of fiber in every one cup of popcorn


I have digestion problem sometimes so I cook with fresh ginger root found in the vegetable department, it is brown and looks like a root. I cut off the brown skin then chop up the meat of the ginger. Some people slice the meat of the ginger in the shape of coins sprinkle them with sugar and let it dry then they eat it as candy or decorate cakes. Or I use the pure ginger powder to sprinkle over food. I do not care much for sweets but I do eat a couple of ginger snap cookies to settle my stomach. also, I drink Mylanta like you do.

Ginger helps with motion sickness, I learned that in college about the navy using ginger in their meal preparation.Health Question & Answer

Get medical help- you are on your way to getting IBS which is almost impossible to get rid off.Health Question & Answer

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