What should i do coz i hav a pencil stuck in hand?!

Question: What should i do coz i hav a pencil stuck in hand.?
i think u should try and get some scissors then cut ur hand off then the pencil will b out of ur hand. or the other option is to get a friend to TRY and ge the pencil out of ur hand. thats a very serious issue there my friend.Health Question & Answer

google.Health Question & Answer

I changed that.
Lets make it a bit more gruesome.
How bout you get the pencil out by pulling it fast.
Grabbing lemon juice, salt, and alcohol and mix it all togethor to make the perfect medical cure...or the worst!

And if not...then do other things with it like drawing, piercing the other hand with the same pencil, or try eating with it!

- Ashley FHealth Question & Answer

Pull the pencil out quickly to get it over with. Wash your hands. Clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide or the like. Cover with a bandaid.Health Question & Answer

Is the whole thing embedded in you hand.? Like impaled in you hand.? Then get yourself to the ER, ASAP!Health Question & Answer

ummmmm try and be artistic. Take your hand and place it over some paper and move your hand in circle motions as well as zigzag motions. Who knows maybe you could sell it on Ebay.Health Question & Answer

If you are serious,then you should seek medical help.Health Question & Answer

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